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ThermischReliëf™ | Tourmaline Self-heating Knee Sleeve

ThermischReliëf™ | Tourmaline Self-heating Knee Sleeve

ThermischReliëf™ | Tourmaline Self-heating Knee Sleeve

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✔ Eliminate joint and muscles pains without expensive drugs

✔ Relieve muscle tension and cramps naturally

✔ Lose weight without exercise

✔ Improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation 



Relieve muscle pain and swelling through natural heat

The ThermischReliëf™ Tourmaline Self-heating Knee Sleeve creates a thermal sensation without an external energy supply. 

It uses Infrared heating, magnetic therapy, and absinthe therapy, which increases body heat and provides multi-directional leg massage and stimulation.

Raising your body temperature through heat therapy is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to treat most diseases, including cancer. 

It also helps to effectively stimulate the body's blood and lymph circulation to relieve varicose veins and reduce fluid buildup and cellulite in the body.


What can ThermischReliëf™ do and how does it work?

ThermischReliëf™ is designed with different heating properties that cause the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn enhances circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

1. Far infrared therapy: This is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate through deep muscle tissue and help to repair damaged cells. It also boosts blood circulation and the body's enzymes which are essential in fat burn and weight loss.

2. Tourmaline Magnetic Therapy: With magnets made with tourmaline minerals, this knee sleeve releases magnetic waves and effectively stimulates the foot and calf muscles to promote blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

3. Absinthe Therapy: Absinthe or Wormwood is a medicinal plant known to relieve pain in various parts of your body. It also relaxes tensed and cramped muscles and strengthens muscle tissue. The material used in the knee sleeve is processed and soaked with absynthe plant extract.


From a worried overweight person to a happy, healthy Knee Sleeve advocate

“I remember being worried about my body weight and health. A colleague of mine has been using this Selfheating Knee Sleeve for a year and recommended it to me. For the past weeks of wearing it, I see progress in my overall weight and body.

It really helps with my metabolism! It makes me feel healthier, fit, and stronger. It also helps me relax after a long and tiring day at work.

I find it unbelievable that there is a product that helps you lose weight naturally and makes you feel good about yourself..”

-Evan Langenberg, 46


Why a lot of people are using ThermischReliëf™?

✓ Dramatically improves blood circulation in the knee area

✓ Effectively relaxes knees & joints to relieve pain

✓ Reduces physical fatigue & inflammation

✓ Controls appetite & reduces harmful body waste

✓ Prevents fat accumulation for a healthy body

✓ Boosts metabolism & improves digestion

✓ Removes varicose & spider veins once and for all

✓ Prevents cancer cells & strengthens the immune system


A surprising and welcome benefit of ThermischReliëf™

Our tourmaline self-heating shaping knee sleeve can help you with your weight loss program, even if you don't exercise regularly and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

By heating the legs, this knee sleeve helps to increase the speed of metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and eliminate cellulite and lipedema accumulated in the body. 

Through heat therapy and reflexology, it is easy to get into the healthy weight and shape that you want.



This knee sleeve really detoxifies and relieves my swelling. Slept much better the first night and woke up feeling relaxed! The same energy lasted all day. I was pleasantly surprised! 

“I have this large blood vessel in my legs and some of them are so painful that I can't even sleep through the night. I finally found this product that relieves leg pain and makes my veins look lighter. - Olivia A.

"I had swelling and water retention in my legs. After a few weeks of using this product, my legs are now slimmer and smoother. No cream, no exercise. All I can say is it is worth a try!" - Jamie W

I suffer from severe arthritis and varicose veins, which are painful and uncomfortable. After more than a month of using this product, I no longer have the black veins on my legs, and best of all, the constant pain is gone! - Sonja R



How to calculate measurement?

This knee sleeve is stretchable up to 2 inches. Please be guided by our size chart. We included the measurements and the suggested body weights for your reference.

Does it slip down when using it for a run?

No. If you got the proper size for you, these sleeves will not slide, slip, or roll down. It also comes with a velcro strap that ensures a secure, snug fit.

Can you sleep wearing this?

ThermischReliëf™ is made with soft and breathable material that allows you to wear this even for a whole day. However, we suggest not sleeping with this to let your legs rest and not impede normal blood flow. 



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